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Bow Jax

Bowjax Complete Crossbow Kit Split Limb Black

Bowjax Complete Crossbow Kit Split Limb Black

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The most complete kit. It has 2 universally sized split limb dampeners, a pair of stirrup dampeners, 4 of the heavy duty crossbow string silencers, and 1 bolt spring dampener. This kit comes in black and everything can be installed without a bow press except the string silencers. The stirrup dampeners go on easy if your stirrup has a screw to detach it from the crossbow, then you simply unscrew it and slide these dampeners on. The limb dampeners are universally sized to fit gaps between 3/8" up to 1 1/8" wide.

Features:The most complete kit;2 split limb dampers;2 stirrup dampers;4 string silencers;1 bolt spring damper


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